Submit Your Idea

I love to share great natural recipes and blends from around the web and from my own cupboard, and I know some of you must have some wonderful blends/recipesrecipes chef that you might like to share with us all here on the blog and at facebook. So if you think you have something our community would love and you’re happy to share it feel free to submit it below.
This is what we will need:

*It needs to be your own recipe/blend/concoction or one you know is fine to share. It can only be on the subjects discussed here on the blog – Eg; natural skin care, beauty, natural home remedies etc.
*We need at least one good clear picture – preferably of the finished product but you can send more of the tutorial if you feel it needs it. -*please do not email large pictures anything reduced to circa 400 x 400 pixels – 700 x 700 pixels (or anything in between) is fine but not less than 400 x 400 pixels.
*A brief but full explanation of the ‘how to’
*Your full name so we can credit you! If you have a blog I will happily link to that too with the credit.
*You can submit as many as you like over time.
*If you have a blog with the post already written that’s great too! Submit a link to it and I can still feature it here with a link back.

Now send your idea to:

That’s it! I will then do an introductory write up about your submission then it will feature your ‘how to,’ the picture, and any credits.

Please Note* This is just for fun and if you want to share your creativity.  By submitting your idea you are giving me the right to share it in a post, on facebook and to all my email subscribers should I wish to do so. All credit to you of course! 

All submissions will be considered but I can not guarantee all will be featured or when but will do my best to get it out there for you 🙂

Thank you and I look forward to receiving your wonderful ideas!