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Do You Desire To Make Your Natural Skin Care Products Into A Successful Home Business?
Not Sure Where To Start? Or What You Need To Consider? Are You Feeling Overwhelmed, Maybe Even Fearful Of Taking Such A Step? Then…


This In-Depth Course Will Walk You Through All The Steps You’ll Need To Have Your Own
Natural Skin Care Business Up And Running In Just A Few Weeks!


So You Can Earn Money For You And Your Family While Doing Something You Love!


I know how it is, you have a desire to make your hobby into a thriving business but just don’t know where to start, or you’ve started on some level but it’s just not turning out how you imagined. There is so much you need to know where do you actually begin! I remember those feelings all too well.

What If I Could Help Change All That For You?

In my eight week online course I break down all the tasks needed into specific areas you can work on, guiding you with actionable easy steps and a helping hand the whole way; so you can create the vision you see without the overwhelm.

Hi I’m Sarah Miller,

I’ve been where you are. Not knowing where to start, which tasks to prioritize, or what to do to make the business a success. I just knew I want to make my loved skin care hobby into a business. I built my successful business from scratch

and now with over 10 years of business knowledge (in natural products and other related industries) I remember only too well how challenging it was at the start with so much information – talk about overwhelm! However I kept on; I had the passion, an entrepreneurial spirit, and an unshakeable self believe. The course I have created comes from those years of experience in the natural skin care industry and business full stop.

I realized that others like you starting out needed a simple, straightforward plan you could follow. So I have collated together as best I can all my knowledge, gained through trial and error so you can learn from me without the costly mistakes, and skip straight to the success part!


So if you have a passion, a desire or an entrepreneurial spirit and would love a thriving home based business doing something ethical, natural and creatively inspiring then read on…


Take A Look At What You Will Learn On My Course Lessons In Just 8 Weeks:


Week 1 A Skin Care Business From HomeMaking it work – A very important part of starting a home based business; the foundation to you creating a successful business. Including the essentials you should do before starting your business, or any business.  This moved me forward quicker in the beginning and it can do the same for you.

Week 2Start Up Costs & Budgeting – This will help you work out your start up costs and the aspects to be aware of when turning your hobby
into a business – plus how you can get started on a small budget and still make money
from the beginning.

Week 3 Will Your Natural Products Sell? – How to know if the skin care you create will sell. Knowing your market and creating the best products for your market will put you on the right path to success – I will show you how to find your market, and what your crafts need to make those essential sales.. This lesson teaches you (from my own trial and error) what you really don’t want to do, and what you should be doing instead.

Week 4 Sourcing Ingredients, Production And PreservativesHow to find the best resources – your hobby is a business now and as you progress you need to know your ingredients and where to reliably source them so your business can run smoothly. You don’t want the hassles of unreliable suppliers, late deliveries or low quality ingredients when you have a waiting customers. It’s bad for business and stressful for you.

Week 5Packaging, Labeling & Pricing – This can make or break a sale. You need to be in the mind of your customer, know your market and learn how to make a profit. This comes with experience and I will give you mine so you don’t make too many costly mistakes in the beginning.

Week 6Rules And Regulations – I will show you where you can source the information to help you get this right depending on the kinds of products you will be creating. Plus give you helpful tips on how to deal with this aspect of the business. So you can just keep creating worry free.

Week 7 Online marketing -Website creation, social media, sales and more. How to give your business an online presence.

Week 8 Offline marketing – Advertising, networking, agents, retail and more. Make offline marketing work for your business.

Lesson 7 and 8 are vital to any business. Here I go in-depth about how to market your natural products online and offline. The importance of both but how to do it successfully. Many people unfortunately get this wrong and end up never selling anything after all their hard work, don’t let that be you! In addition, whether it be online or offline you promote your business primarily you will learn the how to of advertising, website building, networking, selling and more.

These 8 in-depth lessons will give you a strong foundation in your natural skin care business. Providing you with the step by step knowledge to get your business of the ground successfully.

**However, not only do you get the 8 comprehensive lessons, I’ve included extra bonuses like checklists, help guides, recipes etc and the best part is you will have unlimited access to it all 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s all yours to keep!

In addition, you can refer back to the information any time you like, helping you progress further with your business venture.

Think you don’t have 8 weeks to learn all this? Well remember each week you will have things to implement from that lesson and you will be making progress in your business each time you do. The weeks will pass anyway (as well as passing fast) and you will be so far ahead in your plans once completed you will be wondering why you never took the course earlier!


This value packed course will ensure a strong business foundation, which in turn will ensure you have a successful and profitable business long term.


How does the course work?


You will become a member and each week for 8 weeks you will login (with a password I send via a weekly email) to a private area online and gain access to a report covering that weeks aspect of the business, plus accessing any bonus materials for that week. It is in logical order so you have a plan to follow, that way you don’t get overwhelmed.

There are no deadlines so you can learn using each lesson as your guide whenever it’s convenient around your family or work life. Taking it at your own pace while all the time knowing you’re progressing and learning. The knowledge you will gain and the plan you can follow is worth the value of the course alone without any of the added bonuses.

I’ve already helped others turn their passion into a business…

” I had just started with the idea to turn my hobby into a business but was already feeling overwhelmed and discouraged after making no sales, Sarah helped me with a marketing plan based on the vision I had for my business, and what do you know, once I started to implement the ideas the sales followed, she was so helpful”

Christine NZ


” I thought starting my online shop was going to be easy as I paid someone to do it for me, it didn’t turn out that way and I was left with a useless website and no sales. Sarah’s online business knowledge helped me find a better way to create a website and make easier sales, I have a website I am happy with now, and although still learning her direction has been invaluable in saving me time, money and frustration!”

Victoria L.A


So are you ready to get started? Then let’s get your natural skin care business launched right now!

My 100% guarantee.

I am proud of the course and believe it will give you the valuable guidance you need at the pace you need so that you can have a thriving home based natural skin care business that makes you money doing something you love. But I want you to know you can cancel your membership if you’re not happy as I offer a 7 day full money back guarantee.

So How Much Does This Course Cost?

Right now I am offering it at a super price as I want you to be able to access this great information without it breaking the bank, and so you can get started building your business and making profits from today!

You Can Receive The Full In-depth Course.

For Just One Payment Of






For under $99 you get a full 8 week/lesson course with inside knowledge on how to run your business successfully! Saving you a lot more than $77 in any costly mistakes you might make, and teaching you the right way to do it. I know of others charging 4x this amount for similar business courses.

This is a steal for the knowledge you will acquire in the next weeks, the time you will save and the better profits you will make. Remember this is a small investment in your long term business, and if you’re serious about creating a thriving home business it is well worth it!

Take The First Step Now And Make Your Dream A Reality!

Just click the BUY NOW button below, make a secure payment using paypal and within a few minutes you will have access to the whole course!

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