The Top 15 Essential Oils And Their Benefits To You

They come in small amounts yet help in so many ways! Those little dark bottles of wonderful oils with their therapeutic benefits are a must in any natural home. If you're a regular user of essential oils then this list may not be a surprize but if you're just starting out and experimenting then you … [Read more...]

Aching Muscles Aromatherapy Blend

Essential oils should be in every ones cupboard as they are useful for so many things. You know when you have had a long day on your feet or you have over done it with the exercise then this massage blend will do its magic along with the massage you will get with it ;)   So from your … [Read more...]

How To Make An Orange Essential Oil

Oranges have a lovely smell and are also useful when used around the house, you would be surprized what you can use them for in your home, well mostly the orange peelthat is. So if you love oranges in your home and tend to be left with a lot  of orange peel, collect them as now you can make some … [Read more...]

Reduce Your Stress Using Essential Oils

Reducing stress is probably one of the major afflictions that most people attempt to reduce in their daily lives.  Stress contributes to illness and disease in busy people who do not take the time to relieve their bodies of the stress that accumulates throughout the day.  Good stress is acceptable … [Read more...]

Free For Kindle – Aromatherapy Handbook

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