50 Uses For Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree essential oil is such a versatile oil with many therapeutic properties for all types of things. It is an essential oil you should always have at home. I always think tea tree oil smells medicinal and fresh. We use it a lot in our house, if you want 50 reasons why you need this oil in your … [Read more...]

25 Uses For The Wonderful Lavender Essential Oil

The lavender essential oil has to be one of the most popular oils. It is so versatile and the scent just makes one warm and calm. It can be used in natural home remedies, your own skin care products, skin ailments, to lift ones mood or to calm it. It's always a popular one in our home and we are … [Read more...]

8 Benefits Of Rosemary Oil

Do you use rosemary oil in your skin care products? It's not one of the most popular oils and certainly it's not the first oil that comes to mind when creating, however, this oil has many benefits from hair care, to pain relief, as an antiseptic, it's also good for colds, flu, wonderful in bath … [Read more...]

Essential Oils Stress Away Massage Blend

Who doesn't love a good massage! Really we should all take the time to have a good massage from time to time, its relaxing, calming, and beneficial for both body and mind. I chose a anti-stress blend as we all have stresses in our daily lifes and it is best not to let it build up as tension on our … [Read more...]

Aromatherapy Kindle Ebook

This ebook is also just 99 cents! It is a super read and I find you always get one or two little useful tips, snippets even if you are pretty familar with a subject. Click here or the actual book cover to get your copy now!     Don't own a kindle? No problem, you can … [Read more...]