Make Your Own Air Freshner Gel

We all like our homes to smell welcoming when we arrive home or when we have visitors, however the store bought ones usually contain ingredients that I am not sure you want to be scenting your home with or inhaling, but here is a simple and very attractive alternative you can easily try. It's a … [Read more...]

Do It Yourself Garbage Disposal Refreshers

Everyone has it but we all want to make sure you can't smell it! Garbage is just one of those things that we can't avoid but we can at least try to keep the smells to a minimum and even add a nice scent if we can. There are so many natural home recipes but we don't often cover smelly areas on the … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Gel Air Fresheners

We all want a lovely smelling home especially when we walk in the door to remind us we are home, or when have visitors. Now we know there are many products in the store that will do just that but unfortunately the come at a price - and I don't mean money ;) they can contain lots of toxins that … [Read more...]

DIY Vanilla Air Freshner Spray

  There is nothing nicer than coming home after a long day, walking through your door and smelling the familar scent of home. However, unless you're going to use lots of chemically laden air freshners, scented plugins, and other similar products then your home may not always greet you with … [Read more...]

A Simple Orange Candle

How about this for a natural scent around your home? This would be nice as a dinner table display if you used more than one as a center piece. Always be careful not to leave them unattended though. Check out the easy tutorial below and don't forget to enjoy the orange juice as a fresh juice! A … [Read more...]