Do It Yourself Carpet Cleaner

It's great when you can use easy to hand household items to clean up a job, it's so much better than purchasing those heavy chemicals you can buy from the store and usually the more natural solutions do a better job anyway. We all spill things on the carpet and carpets can take a lot of abuse so … [Read more...]

20 Uses For Everday Herbs

We all have access to everyday herbs either from your own garden or your local store. This list of 20 are unusual and can be used whenever you need. If you have been thinking to start a herb garden for your kitchen recipes or family ailments then now's the time!   20 Uses For Everday Herbs … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Lavender Lemonade

We all just love lavender right? the essential oil has so many amazing uses  and the fresh plant itself can be used for many things as well as looking so nice when dried and hung around the house. Today is about a refreshing drink that will just look so nice in a fancy jug on a summer table, or even … [Read more...]

20 Useful Ways To Use Lavender Essential Oil

I love lavender essential oil, it's a must have in everyone's cupboard due to its versatility. Number 10 on this list was even a new one to me. If you're new to this oil read this useful list and if you're not still read it you may find one you did not think to use it for. It's just a great … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Dishwasher Soap

Most of us have a dishwasher and personally sometimes the soaps they advertise and the so called 'final result' effects leave me wondering why would I want to have those dishwasher tablets all over the dishes I eat from? Plus I am a advocate for helping our environment at any chance we can so using … [Read more...]