Lavender Essential oils Recipes & Benefits – FREE Kindle E-book

This e-book is FREE (as of typing this, so act fast!) E-books are a great bargain, this one is full of lavender recipes and know how, and is just...well....yummy :) I'm loving it, check it out for yourself... Click here or the actual book cover below to get your copy … [Read more...]

Mix Your Own Herbal Cordials

Yum-- use natural herbs and make some nice cordial drinks. Now of course this might be a nice thing to do in the warmer weather but you can still experiment now and get your favorites! They are simple and don't forget you can tweak the recipes to your own taste, even try some different kinds of … [Read more...]

Special Offer – Skin Care Creators

As you may or may not know I offer an 8 week online course to teach you how to sell your homemade natural skin care products and make yourself a business that is profitable and successful, I have taught many people and receive great feedback about the course. So for all of you who may be … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Air Freshner Gel

We all like our homes to smell welcoming when we arrive home or when we have visitors, however the store bought ones usually contain ingredients that I am not sure you want to be scenting your home with or inhaling, but here is a simple and very attractive alternative you can easily try. It's a … [Read more...]

Do It Yourself Garbage Disposal Refreshers

Everyone has it but we all want to make sure you can't smell it! Garbage is just one of those things that we can't avoid but we can at least try to keep the smells to a minimum and even add a nice scent if we can. There are so many natural home recipes but we don't often cover smelly areas on the … [Read more...]