DIY Liquid Hand Soap

ooh I love taking the theme of natural skincare and extending it to natural home care stuff. We wash our hands so often at home and yet it is probably one of those products we overlook! Well not anymore, take this easy peasy recipe and get blending and add a little homemade to your kitchen … [Read more...]

Homemade Orange & Coconut Soap

What a lovely recipe, it's just as if you could eat them! But don't! Just pamper yourself in the bathroom, make a statement by giving them as a gift or make your own bathroom have that extra something with these as part of the decor. Pretty quick to make but look great, click below for the how to … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Cocoa Mint Soap

Just the title makes it sound so inviting. Cocoa and mint soap, do we eat it or bathe with it. There is also a great tip for using an alternative to a mold if you don't have any. You're also going to need some peppermint essential oil and shea butter soap base the rest you will probably have at … [Read more...]

5 Just So Yummy Chocolate Soap Recipes

We all love chocolate. We all like using more natural soaps, so why not blend the two and make some lovely luscious chocolate rich soaps! Plus they smell yummy and offer that little bit of indulgence to your bath time! click below for the recipes.   5 Just So Yummy Chocolate Soap Recipes … [Read more...]

Create Your Own Burst Of Coffee Shower Soap

We all love soaps and making your own is not as hard as you think, and you can come up with lots of wonderful variations especially using lovely ingredients like coconut, chocolate, herbs, essential oils and much more, so if you have always wanted to have a go at making your own soap then why not … [Read more...]