Mix Your Own Whipped Shea Butter Body Scrub

I love shea butter, it's wonderful for the skin and whipping gives it a soft, yummy and creamy texture that all body butters and scrubs should have, it just adds to that pampering feeling when you use it don't you think? This kind of whipping blend I have done on many occasion and it really does … [Read more...]

DIY Dark Chocolate Espresso Sugar Scrub

How indulgent and rich does this sound? However, it's not for eating but using the benefits found in each  ingredients you can pamper your skin and begin to feel the difference straight away! This recipe also has a little orange scent in there which I feel goes so well with chocolate, I'm thinking … [Read more...]

2 Recipes – Lotion Bars & Lip Balm

Ooh a treat! Two recipes, some lovely lotion bars to take care of your skin and lip balm to take care of your lips, now let's be honest during a long winter some moisturizing is what our skin really needs, so use some lovely natural recipes on your skin and make sure to get your healthy oils in your … [Read more...]

Create Your Own Easy Rose Bath Melts

Ok another wonderful recipe for your bath time. This one is not a soap although it looks like one but a recipe that blends together to create something pampering and soft for your bath. Melts into your warm water. The best thing about this recipe is the fact you can get all the ingredients you need … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Shiny Hair Mist

If your hair is needing a little pick me up or you just want to make it look more shiny then why not try this simple recipe. Now I know people's hair can be different so this may be trial and error for you but that's what us creators do right? Enjoy!   Make Your Own Shiny Hair Mist … [Read more...]