Do It Yourself Herbal Hand Cream

A good hand cream or lotion is always a must to keep our hands in tip top condition, after all they do a lot of work and usually get very little pampering or attention in return. Adding herbs to a blend will give the therapeutic benefits of the herbs themselves while the base oils/butters will give … [Read more...]

Organic Cocoa Butter Hand Lotion Bars

I love cocoa butter and I suffer from dry hands so I love rich moisturizing recipes. These are actually lotion bars as opposed to the usual lotion creams but they still do just as good a job. This recipe also calls for some beeswax, another great natural ingredient. Try them and let me know what you … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Skin Care Hand Lotion

Hands put up with a lot of work and abuse so it's always good to keep them moisturized, that way you keep your hands soft, supple and ready for another day of constant use. I carry my hand lotions with me at all times, as well as having them dotted around the house so they are easily at hand so I … [Read more...]

Fun Time – Mix Your Own Glittery Nail Polish

Oooh we women all like to paint our nails especially for a special occasion, but nail polish can be expensive depending on what you like. Glitter nail polish is always fun and actually I think this is a great gift idea for the teenager or woman who loves her nail polish!   Fun Time - Mix … [Read more...]