Do It Yourself Essential Oil Shampoo

It's a good idea to try shampoo recipes as most store bought ones contain lots of ingredients that can barely be pronounced never mind understood, and them very ingredients will penetrate through your scalp when shampooing and your body does not need them! Although they make your hair smell good … [Read more...]

4 Do It Yourself Herbal Hair Coloring Recipes

So do you want to colour your hair naturally? May be you already do, but if not then try out these recipes, depending on your hair color. The recipes use things like indian curry leaves, neem leaves, henna, lemons and more. So if there is an ingredient you have not used before, try it and experiment … [Read more...]

Organic Tangerine, Chocolate & Almond Two Uses Body Butter

This has lovely ingredients and if you need to you can follow the quick how to video below, it is not very clear to see but it's easy enough to follow, this would make a nice gift when wrapped beautifully. I like to step up the 'natural' in products by using organic ingredients, how about … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Herbal Hemp Shampoo

With all the additives in store bought shampoos and conditioners it's a good idea to try different natural recipes for your hair care. I know it took me a while to find ones I liked and believe me I tried a few! From my own blends to expensive naturally made ones. It's all do with your hair and how … [Read more...]

Whipped Coconut & Grapeseed Natural Hair Recipe

If you want to put a bit of life back in your hair, you can use this blend as a pre-wash option like a hair treatment or you can use it to maintain your hair on a daily basis. Whichever you choose it's fun to whip your natural products like a cake and see the fun results! Get the … [Read more...]