Fun Essential Oil Shower Jellies!

This is a fun idea, and a recipe that could be played with to create some nice alternative natural jellies recipe too. These would be nice as gifts. Yes you will need gelatin however you could use the vegetarian option if you're not happy with other gelatins. The point is it's fun and makes for a … [Read more...]

Do It Yourself Cinnamon & Nutmeg Toothpaste

How about taking your teeth down the natural path. This is worth trying if only to taste the cinnamon and nutmeg flavor! There are so many toothpaste brands and types it can be confusing knowing which to buy and then let's not even start to try and understand the ingredients although from my … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Coconut Milk Soap Bars

If a soap is naturally made I am quite happy to use soap, I do love to make soap, but I do also use other natural recipes in the shower too. It is so nice to go in the shower and choose from a variety of natural products all of which smell divine! If you like to make your own soaps and you love … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Energizing Herbal Bath Bag

This one makes you just want to lock yourself away in the bathroom, fun a warm bath and grab your herbal bag of goodies, and invigorate yourself.  Ten wonderful ingredients to excite your senses from rosemary leaves and peppermint leaves to the delights of citrus essential oils. This is definitely … [Read more...]

All Natural Good For Your Skin Bath Blend

If you're going to take a long relaxing bath why not add some lovely natural ingredients from your home cupboard that will give a lovely moisturizing and super soft feel to your skin. You can increase or decrease the amounts to suit how much you would like. You are going to need the following. 2 … [Read more...]