Essential Oils Stress Away Massage Blend

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home massage oil blend

Who doesn’t love a good massage! Really we should all take the time to have a good massage from time to time, its relaxing, calming, and beneficial for both body and mind. I chose a anti-stress blend as we all have stresses in our daily lifes and it is best not to let it build up as tension on our bodies, plus this way you can be pampered at the same time from someone close 😉

So get out the candles, the wine, the chocolates or whatever else makes you feel relaxed and happy and mix this blend…

Massage Oil Blend

10ml diluted ylang ylang oil

2 drops of clary sage essential oil

10ml sweet almond oil

1 drop pure rose otto essential oil (rose otto is the luxury of essential oils but a wonderful oil worth having in stock!)

2 drops pure frankincense essential oil

If you’re not stocked up on basic essential oils get stocked up here with a kit or individual oils.

Go get that massage 🙂