Natural Pet Care – Homemade Herbal Flea Pillows Blend

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homemade herbal pet care

Let’s be natural with our pet care too! After all they are an important part of our family and home and just like we don’t want any nasty chemicals, additives etc in the products we use on ourselves and our home, it should be the same for our loved pets.

Fleas can be a pain and yes there are store bought remedies out there but there are many natural alternatives you can try too. This is just four ingredients (see below) and make sure to read the tutorial for the ‘take care’ instructions with your pet.


2 cups Pennyroyal*(*may prefer an alternative see the how to)
1 cup Rosemary
1 cup Feverfew
1 cup Southernwood (if you can’t find this, use Wormwood)


Homemade Herbal Flea Pillows Blend (scroll down after clicking the link)

I was just thinking may be you don’t sew? As you will need a pillow to stuff this blend in. You could just buy a pet pillow and re-stuff it.