How To Make A Calendula Oil Infusion Pt 1

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calendula oil infusion

Using natural ingredients is what we all love about making our skin care and beauty products right? Whether it be with luxurious butters, wonderful oils, amazing essential oils, herbs and more, it’s about creating and finding new ways to blend different ingredients together and coming out with something wonderful!

Calendula can be used for medicinal purposes for instance skin conditions, inflammations and more, and it is also edible, nice when tossed in a salad but please be aware some do have allergic reactions to this plant/flower in some forms so be careful to test or research for yourself first.

This is part 1 of a two part post (see part two here) in which you can use the calendula oil you make for salves and lip balms.


How To Make A Calendula Oil Infusion

Ps…If you would like to try this but don’t have any calendula flowers available you can actually buy them whole here quite cheaply and then you can still make your oil.