Lovely Homemade Deodorant

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Homemade deodorant

After finding out about the aluminium in deodorants a few years back I quit using the main stream deodorants and moved first onto naturally made ones like from the body shop and then I ventured into creating my own realising how simple they are.

I have on occasion when I felt it’s been essential used a store bought one but the occasion is rare.  I like to try new recipes or variations on old ones as its always a work in progress with deodorant with different scents and strengths depending on my use…meaning when it’s hot out I want something that will truly win the day on the B.O front 😉

Try this blend, the ingredients are:

Arrowroot powder (you can find that here)

Baking soda (you should have this in your cupboard)

Extra virgin coconut oil (and this too but if not try here, actually I talk about the different coconut oils; as not all are made equal! and knowing how to choose the best quality for your skin care and health to my wonderful community who signed up for my exclusive content)

Lavender essential oil

Patchouli essential oil  (Good quality essential oil in all there varieties can be found here)

and the how to is here…Lovely Homemade Deodorant How To

Happy Creating!