How To Make A Lavender And Vanilla Body Lotion

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It’s always nice to rub some quality lotion on after a warm shower, it helps put some moisture back into the skin and make you feel fresh and delightful!

But the average store bought lotion contains a lot more than simple natural ingredients and that is why it is best to make your own. Some of the best bases for a good lotion are shea butter, coconut oil or jojoba oil, they each give many benefits to your skin. Not only do they help moisturize the skin but they help to keep it supple, soft and can help fight against signs of aging.

The lotion is quite easy to do and there are full instructions at the link below, in addition, with this tutorial is the ‘how to’ on actually making your own lavender and vanilla infused oil. yay!


How To Make A Lavender And Vanilla Body Lotion

Ps… I love my homemade body lotions the best, if you need any of the ingredients mentioned above then you will find them all available here, after that just use the search box to find exactly what you need.