3 Not So Commonly Used Essential Oils for Energizing And De-stressing Yourself

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3 energizing essential oils

Essential oils can help you release stress and bring back energy levels in your daily active life.  Using essential oils in aromatherapy in your home, car, office, or any other place you spend vital amounts of time can help your energy levels increase.  Just a few hours of use will have you feeling more invigorated and the reduced stress will allow you to deal with the day’s pressures more calmly.  

Stress can have powerfully negative effects on your body and inner strength.  Aromatherapy helps eliminate the stress whereby increasing energy levels and counteracting the harmful processes of high levels of stress.  Your body replenishes levels of energy after a good night’s sleep, but stress can adversely affect sleep patterns allowing stress to ultimately win the battle.  This will keep you tired and agitated during the day, which is why aromatherapy with essential oils will greatly benefit you if you have a busy lifestyle.

Not all essential oils are strong, pungent smells that travel long distances.  Some essential oils are subtle and light.  Even at low levels, your body is able to smell the scents and use them for positive benefits.  The three essential oils below are helpful in increasing energy and reducing stress. You can use these essential oils separately or in combination for a more powerful benefit.  

Pine Needle

Think freshly cut Christmas trees, using pine essential oil clears your mind and acts as a refreshing antiseptic.  The aroma clears your head from the negative thoughts from the day and helps make your body feel positively revitalized.

Litsea Cubeba

A less commonly known essential oil, litsea cubeba it is an uplifting essential oil that makes your body feel strengthened and balanced.  Like the grapefruit, it also has a citrus lemon smell that brings a refreshing effect to your energy levels.
Use them together, and your body, mind, and soul will feel ultimately refreshed and the stresses of the day will gently disappear from your body.


If you have ever peeled a fresh grapefruit for a healthy morning breakfast then you already know the refreshing benefits of grapefruit essential oil.  The tangy fruit has an uplifting, stimulating effect.  Use this type of oil to invigorate and refresh.

Go and try these not so common essentail oils and feel the difference in your day!