Make Your Own Gel Air Fresheners

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make your own gel air fresheners

We all want a lovely smelling home especially when we walk in the door to remind us we are home, or when have visitors. Now we know there are many products in the store that will do just that but unfortunately the come at a price – and I don’t mean money 😉 they can contain lots of toxins that really you just don’t want hanging in air in you breath at home, it’s bad enough with the ones you indirectly breath in on a daily basis.

You can of course find more natural alternatives but they usually do come at a price! So coming up with more natural solutions of your own is always best. This idea is super simple has only 3 ingredients you will need to get or may have already. Click below for the recipe and how to and in a few minutes you will have your gel air fresheners!


Make Your Own Gel Air Fresheners


Ps… If you want more natural home product ideas try the ‘Naturally Clean Home Book‘ it’s a fabulous book with some great yet simple ideas! 🙂