How To Make A Healing Lavender & Chamomile Salve

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lavender and chamomile salve recipe

Lavender essential oil is such a super all round oil that can be used in so many ways; home, healing, calming, relaxing and more. Chamomile also offers many benefits to the body and mind and is also very popular as a warm tea :) put these two together in a salve and you have a nice healing balm.

At the end of the how to you can see a list of the therapeutic properties for the essential oils and other ingredients which is useful so you know how and what is best to use your salve for!

Here is what you will need:

Lavender buds
chamomile tea bags
Grapeseed oil
Coconut oil
Jojoba oil
Lavender essential oil
Chamomile essential oil

If you regularly make salve and homemade natural products you may have these ingredients handy but if not go here and you will find all what you need in one easy go and the  good thing is you will have plenty left over to make more salve and other natural products :) Click below for how to…

How To Make A Healing Lavender & Chamomile Salve

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