Naturally Homemade Strawberry Sugar Body Scrub!

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homemade strawberry sugar scrub

Ok yum! That’s all I think when I hear the word ‘strawberries’ so this one definitely caught my eye! Plus let’s be honest this would just look good sat on your bathroom vanity looking all pretty 😉

The recipe has four ingredients and I would be inclined to experiment a bit with this one, for example changing the base oil to one that suits me better, maybe even going for a sweet and sour body scrub and swapping out the sugar for salt, and if I was using it up pretty quick, how about fresh strawberries! That I think would be worth a try.

Oh and then getting a lovely jar to put it in is a must, I collect nice ones for personal use that I find at bargain stores, thrift shops etc, but I also love the ones here and here when I have to buy them, especially as they come in various sizes. Which I will be honest does happen, as well – I have an addiction to pretty jars, boxes and wrapping but I do always strive to recycle first.

Head over using the link below and see what you think of this blend it does look sooo yummy though right!

Enjoy! 🙂


Naturally Homemade Strawberry Sugar Body Scrub!

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