64 Amazing Natural Skin Care Recipes!

Ok so if you're looking for lots of inspiration or a new recipe to try then this is for you! As natural skin care lovers it's always fun to see what others are mixing up with natural ingredients... I'm sure you're bound to find something that catches your eye or sounds luxurious! All you need … [Read more...]

Lavender Essential oils Recipes & Benefits – FREE Kindle E-book

This e-book is FREE (as of typing this, so act fast!) E-books are a great bargain, this one is full of lavender recipes and know how, and is just...well....yummy :) I'm loving it, check it out for yourself... Click here or the actual book cover below to get your copy … [Read more...]

DIY Natural Lip Gloss

Do you know how amazing jojoba is for your skin? Well in today's homemade blend this is just one of the luxury ingredients being used to create this rich lip gloss,  and it is sure to be one blend you will enjoy so click below to get the full recipe and how to. But before you do, don't forget to use … [Read more...]

DIY Essential Oil Facial Scrub

Ooh there is nothing nicer than a freshly blended facial scrub, this one is organic too so extra points for our delicate skin! It's important to exfoliate your skin regulary and to be honest as well as it being good for the skin, it just feels great afterwards, like super clean. So if you are ready … [Read more...]

DIY Liquid Hand Soap

ooh I love taking the theme of natural skincare and extending it to natural home care stuff. We wash our hands so often at home and yet it is probably one of those products we overlook! Well not anymore, take this easy peasy recipe and get blending and add a little homemade to your kitchen … [Read more...]